Membership in the Academy

Membership in the Academy is by invitation only. If you wish to be considered, contact a current member. It is expected that you will present a paper at one of the annual meetings prior to being considered for membership.

Membership Application Form (To be completed by nominating member)


Active Membership

What it means to be an Active Member:

  • A zeal to present at every meeting

  • Have new and refreshing ideas to present

  • Desire to be a worker within the organization

  • Invited by active member to present and participate at Annual Meeting

  • Spousal participation anticipated

Honorary Member

  • Made a significant contribution to Anesthesiology or to other fields of the arts and sciences 

  • Exempt from annual dues; have no vote but may attend meetings


  • Those individuals who just want to attend the annual meetings as a guest of a Member can come every year without applying for membership.

2019 Membership Census

Active 68
Senior 66
Honorary 5
Total 139